A name can do a lot,
especially a really good name.

We created a brand that embodies that perfect day, when all is good and you're happy out.


Happy Out Branding

Happy Out is a new coffee shop in a shipping container on the edge of Bull Island out in Dublin Bay (in fact, it’s probably the beginning of a new outdoor coffee empire).“Happy Out” also describes the feeling that fills you on a breezy Bull Island walk warmed with good coffee and a gourmet toastie. The cafe has become much loved by ramblers, dog walkers, kite surfers and day trippers. In less than a year Happy Out has become a part of life in this much-loved part of North Dublin. It has also become an Instagram friendly hashtag, spreading the word and bringing hungry visitors. The Irish Hare (residents of Bull Island) show up on coffee cups, flags and other places. Vigorous, simple and very Irish - the home-spun hip brand came to life so easily once we found those two words - Happy Out.

Project Scope Naming, Identity, Packaging, Environmental Graphics, Copywriting, Social Teasers