From artisan to brand.

Scaling a workshop lighting business into a retail brand.


Copperfish Lighting Company

Copperfish came to us to help them grow into a viable brand for retail and on-line markets. Working with salvaged wood, each Copperfish lamp has a unique character and look. Retailers and customers were already intrigued by their products – but to move beyond the craft fair scale they needed to better define their brand story and elevate their packaging, website and photography.

We helped them streamline their product offering and bring their unique story to the fore through evocative product and collection names and stories based on the wood’s provenance. We created a modular packaging system and an elegant branding scheme with a refined logotype and colour palette. A tactile jagged edge motif, inspired by workshop tools, adds a tactile finish to packaging and swing tickets. For e-commerce and press needs, we developed a distinct brand photography style that heroes the materials and the elegant over-sized bulbs. Since rebranding, the Copperfish Lighting Company has secured significant orders from national retailers who cited the new packaging and branding as key to their decision to stock the product line. Their new website saw an instant increase in enquirers and on-line sales.

Project Scope Branding & Identity, Packaging, Naming, Copywriting, Art Direction, Photography, Website


Together We Create_Copperfish_Labels.jpg
Together We Create Copperfish_Kingstwon_Floor.png
Together We Create Copperfish_Product_Forager_IrishYew_Table.png
Together We Create_Copperfish_2.png
Together We Create_Copperfish_SwingTag.jpg
Together We Create_Copperfish_Returns.png
Together We Create Copperfish_Web_A.png
Together We Create_Copperfish_Tape.png
Together We Create_Copperfish_Box.png
120 ' Hedge Hoarding
Together We Create Copperfish_MizenHead_Table.png
Together We Create_Copperfish_3.png
Together We Create Copperfish_Dock_Floor..png